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Phil Elwood honored by Topeka Bar Association

Each year at its Annual Meeting the Topeka Bar Association honors a local attorney with The Warren G. Shaw Award, which "recognizes a lawyer or judge for exemplary service to the legal profession."

This year the TBA selected Goodell Stratton's Phil Elwood to receive the award, citing his "countless hours of his time" he has devoted "in service of our community."

In the July issue of "Briefings," the TBA expanded on the sentiment:

"Phil is an outstanding lawyer with one of the highest standards of integrity in our profession. He is as personable and down to earth as he is an outstanding lawyer. Most importantly, however, Phil is one of the most honest and caring people you will ever meet. Throughout his career, Phil has served his profession and community with an unwavering commitment that brings honor to the profession and advances the administration of justice."

Art Palmer, also a Goodell Statton partner and the 2005 recipient, presented the award.

Our congratulations to Phil. It is our honor to work with you.

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