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Business Operations in Light of Shawnee County "Safe at Home" Order

March 25, 2020 -- Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds & Palmer (GSEP) is fully operational, but in light of Shawnee County’s issuance of a “Safe at Home” order through April 27, 2020 we will be restricting access to our offices to only those necessary for mission essential functions, including deliveries, and to those individuals who are absolutely required to be physically present to conduct business transactions. Otherwise, we appreciate you contacting us by phone or email. GSEP will screen individuals who must conduct business in person for potential exposure. GSEP reserves the right to refuse entry into our offices to any individual.

We continue to take proper precautions to ensure our employees and the public are protected from transmission of the Covid-19 virus. We will continue to follow the guidelines set out by the CDC and the State of Kansas for preventing transmission of the virus. In addition, we will monitor the CDC’s and other State and Federal agencies’ statements and recommendations, as this is a constantly evolving situation, and GSEP will update its business practices appropriately.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

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