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GSEP Attorneys' No-Fault Jury Verdicts

GSEP's lawyers are experienced litigators, with an excellent track record of positive results, including three of its no-fault jury trial results summarized below.

Cynthia Sheppeard represented a Kansas Harley Davidson Dealership in a five-day jury trial in Geary County District Court in August 2018, in which the plaintiff claimed $5 million in damages. The jury returned a unanimous no-fault verdict on behalf of Sheppeard's clients. The case is currently on appeal.

In October 2018, David O'Neal completed a three-day jury trial in Shawnee County District Court in which the jury returned a unanimous verdict finding no fault on behalf of O'Neal's client. The case involved medical malpractice claims against a doctor, with $500,000 in damages claimed.

In September 2019, Larry Bork completed a four-day jury trial, representing a medical malpractice defendant in Douglas County District Court. The plaintiff claimed $700,000 in non-economic damages. The jury found no fault on behalf of Bork's client.

If you are looking for representation in pending or potential litigation, contact GSEP at (785) 233-0593.

Larry Bork, David O'Neal, and Cynthia Sheppeard, just a few of GSEP's experienced litigators.

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