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Tax Law & Compliance

Employing effective tax planning strategies can free up more capital for saving and investing. Our team of attorneys assist businesses with designing and implementing tax plans that create the largest possible benefit. In working with clients on tax, our attorneys provide a full range of planning services, including sophisticated tax planning techniques. Moreover, we apply our collective skills to help with additional matters, including those related to closely held corporations, partnerships, real property, income tax, charitable foundations, litigation, employee benefits, employment law, immigration law, and copyright and trademark laws.


Our tax litigators have extensive experience in tax law, tax procedure, and winning tax cases. From individual tax liability and collection disputes to the largest, most complex corporate deficiency and refund litigation, we have represented taxpayers in the U.S. Tax Courts, U.S. District Courts and State Courts.


Administrative Tax Practice

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Kansas Department of Revenue

  • Kansas Board of Tax Appeals

  • Valuation Issues and Disputes

  • Tax Litigation & Appeals​​


Taxation and Business Planning

  • General Taxation

  • Corporate Taxation

  • Tax Treaty Provisions

  • Partnership and S Corporation Taxation

  • Taxation of Trusts

  • Tax Exempt Organizations

  • Tax Accounting Issues

  • Pension Plans

  • Gift and Estate Taxation

  • Employment Taxes


Our specialist in this area is Miranda K. Carmona.

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