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Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP understands that no race is ever won without crossing the finish line first.  That is why, from start to finish, we put our experiences and expertise to work for you in all stages of litigation including anticipating and developing issues well before any appeal is ever filed. 


Our firm specializes in appellate practice and handles the process of appealing a final judgment. This may happen after a trial before a judge or jury, or after dismissal of a case upon disposition of a motion. An appeal is typically brought before an intermediate court of appeals and, if necessary, to a supreme court. 


Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to address appellate issues including a former research attorney for the Kansas Supreme Court, a former research attorney for the Kansas Court of Appeals, and two former Assistant Attorneys General.  Several of our lawyers have been called to serve on the bench as well, including a former partner currently on the Kansas Court of Appeals and another former partner on the Kansas Supreme Court. 


Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP attorneys have established an unsurpassed reputation in appellate practice, one that has continued to be trusted since 1881.  Some of our experience includes:


  • Appeals to the Kansas Court of Appeals and Kansas Supreme Court

  • Appeals to the Missouri Court of Appeals

  • Appeals to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (covering the U.S. Dist. Court of Kansas) and other federal appellate Courts

  • Judicial review of agency actions to Kansas district and appellate courts

  • Numerous Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) briefs filed in appellate courts

  • More than 150 reported cases, as well as numerous unpublished appellate decisions

Our team of attorneys who specialize in appellate practice includes: Cynthia J. SheppeardDavid P. O'Neal, and Susan L. Mauch.

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