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Employment Law & Litigation

Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP represents employers when negotiating, preparing, terminating or voiding employment and independent contractor agreements out of unfavorable contracts and litigate contracts for employers and defend against such litigation. We represent employers in unemployment compensation hearings, in defending against discrimination complaints, and defending litigation involving wage and hour disputes, as well as other types of contract or employment litigation.

  • EEOC/ Employment Discrimination Defense

  • National Labor Relations Board Regulated Matters

  • Union-Free Workplace Litigation and Analysis

  • Unemployment Claim Defense

  • Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Employee Benefit Issues

  • Contract Drafting and Implementation

  • ADA Claim and Compliance Analysis

  • Employee Policy Development

  • Regulatory Representation

  • Workers Compensation Defense

  • Trial Practice and Management Training

  • Labor Contract Matters

    • Contract Dispute Litigation

    • Contract Analysis for Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

    • Contract Dispute Mediation

    • Collective Bargaining & Arbitration

  • Employer Representation

    • Employee Termination Cases

    • Employee Discrimination Cases

    • Employee Wrongful Discharge Cases

    • Non-Competition Matters

    • Wage & Hour Disputes


Our team of attorneys specializing in this area includes: Cynthia J. Sheppeard,  Susan L. MauchCatherine L. Walberg, Thomas L. Bell, and Jessica L. Freeman.

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