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Insurance Law & Defense

Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP has been a leader in insurance defense litigation for over 35 years. The firm has experience in defense of automobile, homeowners, commercial & business, primary & excess coverage issues, health & medical plans, property, and life insurance matters.


In addition to the firm’s experienced trial lawyers regarding insurance defense and insurance coverage issues, Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP has attorneys with actual insurance company experience including a former Assistant General Counsel for a physician-owned liability insurer. The firm also includes an attorney who served as Adjunct Professor of Insurance Law at Washburn University School of Law and has represented insured in courts throughout Kansas and western Missouri. The firm appears before the Kansas Insurance Department and provides analysis of regulatory and licensing issues in the insurance industry.


Our principal services cover the following areas of Insurance Regulation and Insurance Litigation:

  • Company Licensing Issues

  • Healthcare Practice of Individuals, Corporations, Laboratories, & Medical Care Facilities

  • Company Policy Manuals

  • Multi-State Licensing Issues

  • Policy Form Review & Analysis Negligence Claims

  • Company Compliance Programs

  • Regulatory Agency Representation


Because of the firm's experience in this select area, the representation of insureds, insurers, self-insureds, and government entities extends beyond northeast Kansas into a statewide practice. Whether it's a "slip-and-fall" case, a car accident, employment firing, professional license case, or a complex medical malpractice case, our trial attorneys have "been there" - in mediation, investigations of the case, through trial of the case, and on the appellate level.

  • Automobile Accident Defense

  • Medical Malpractice Defense

  • Government Liability Defense

  • Premises Liability Defense

  • Contract Breach Defense

  • Professional Licensing Defense


Our team of attorneys specializing in this area includes: N. Larry BorkCynthia J. SheppeardDave P. O’Neal, Samuel R. FeatherCatherine L. Walberg, and Tracy A. Cole.


Call 785.233.0593 today for help with your Insurance Law and Defense needs.

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