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Workers' Compensation Defense

Under the workers’ compensation system, employers are required to purchase insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. The system strikes a compromise between employers and employees: Employees get benefits regardless of who was at fault. In return, employers get protection from lawsuits by injured employees seeking money damages for pain and suffering or mental anguish.


Goodell Stratton Edmonds & Palmer LLP is uniquely qualified to address and litigate workers’ compensation issues. One of our partners overseeing litigation, evaluation and analysis issues, has personally handled more than 1500 workers’ cases at the hearing stage. Representing Employers, Insurance Companies and Self-Insureds, our firm will assist in:

  • Litigation and Participation at Settlement Hearings

  • Litigation and Representation at Preliminary Hearings

  • Appeals to the Workers Compensation Board

  • Litigation and Representation at Depositions

  • Litigation and Representation at Regular Hearings

  • Appeals to the Court of Appeals


Our team of attorneys specializing in this area includes Cynthia J. Sheppeard and Andrew D. Tague.


Call 785.233.0593 today for help with your Workers’ Compensation needs.

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